September 29, 2016

Building a Daily Success Plan

The more that I listen to podcasts and read books of people that have achieved success, the more I realize that their success doesn’t come from the things they do.  Instead, it comes from the habits they’ve created.  With this lens of seeing our actions as living out a habit, I have realized how many things I do throughout the day without even thinking about them.  They are habits that I’ve developed along the way – some good, some bad.

So, to work to ensure that I am successful, I have been working on building habits to improve my life.  The last two months, I worked on developing a habit of getting up early and spending time following Hal Enrod’s Miracle Morning.  I complete his daily life SAVERS (silence, affirmation, visualization, exercise, reading, and scribing).  I still am having to work to make sure that I do this each day, but after two months, it certainly has become easier.  I no longer have such a hard time getting out of bed and getting moving in the morning.  It truly has helped improve my attitude and provide me with more energy each day.  In addition, it ensures that I am devoting time each day to improving myself to move toward the best version of myself.

Currently, I am working on building a habit of reach out to at least one person every day to help improve my person and professional networks.  I have connected with old friends, had deeper conversations with close friends, attended local events, and reached out to people I’ve never met before to see if I can add value to them.  I am definitely struggling with this new habit, as networking is not something I do very naturally.  However, I believe that if I continue to work for the next couple of months on making this a daily habit, just like with the Miracle Mornings, I believe that I will be successful.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5

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