September 27, 2016

What Are Your Super Powers?

The sweet spot is finding a job that combines what you are good at, what you enjoy, and what people that are willing to pay for.  So, when I think about the things that come naturally to me, I have found the following to be my core strengths, or perhaps, my super powers!


I am a very analytical person and I’m always looking to accomplish tasks as efficiently as possible.  When I look back at times when I’ve been the most successful, it almost always involved working to create or improve processes to help get the job done faster or more easily.  I don’t always think of this as a super power, because I forget that not everyone thinks in the same way I do.  The more that I can incorporate improving efficiency into my job, the more successful I will be.

Team Building

A number of people throughout my life have told me that I am a natural leader.  Whether it was on sports teams in middle or high school, creating volunteer organizations in college, or now as a manager in my job, I always am looking to help people around me improve themselves and their performance.  It also excites me to be a part of a motivated and accountable team that is working well together.  I continually want to raise the bar by empowering those around me to become the best versions of themselves.


When I am on top of my game, I am able to focus for long periods of time with great intensity.  I’ve seen this play out in my life when driving long distances, solving complex problems, and working toward a goal.  I know that this super power is not always as strong as my other strengths, so I need to need to be more deliberate in ensuring this is something I work on regularly.

So, in order for me to become the best version of myself, I need to look to have a clear goal or mission (focus), to work with a motivated group (team building), and to improve the way things operate (efficiency).  When I can find the intersection of these three, I may just become … A Super Hero!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4

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