August 17, 2011

Education Services

Well, I wasn't entirely sure where to start on exploring the careers that might blend my skills and interests together, so I decided to start with the realm of education.  My most recent experience is as a middle school math teacher.  Because of this, I decided to make education my starting point, and we shall see where it leads from here.

Educational, Vocational, and School Counselors
  • Provide academic and career counseling to students and adults
  • Most professionals are located in schools
  • Counselors outside of schools are often called career counselors
Skill Set:
  • Like to help others
  • Able to inspire trust in others
  • Work individually as well as on a team
Other Information:
  • This field is expected to grow over the next 10 years
  • Average salary: $55,030

This career definitely seems to be one that would allow me to make a difference by helping other people.  Also, there is an analytical or problem-solving component to helping people navigate their school or career.  I'm not sure if my current career search would be a help or a detriment to my ability to give advice.  Any thoughts?

Adult Educator
  • Teach adults a variety of subjects at community colleges, adult high schools, university extension programs, and prisons.
  • Adult educators are often part-time employees
Skill Set:
  • Interest in educating adults
    • Adults are more developed than children, but they can also be less flexible
    • On the contrary, adults in school usually know what they need to learn and why
Other Information:
  • Adult Educators that can teach English Second Language (ESL) are in high demand
  • Average pay: $24.23 per hour

I think it would be very interesting to teach adults instead of children.  It would definitely change the dynamics of planning and classroom management.  However, I'm concerned about the fact that it is mostly a part-time career - may make it hard to provide for the family I'm planning on having.

Instructional Coordinator
  • Measure student learning
  • Work with and train teachers
  • Develop and order educational materials
  • Instructional Coordinators are often specialized in one subject area

Skill Set:
  • Good at making decisions
  • Well-organized
  • Able to balance working with people, books, and technology

Other Information:
  • Most demand is in reading, math, science, and technology
  • Average salary: $61,270

At the school where I taught, I was the only middle school math teacher, which meant that I was in charge of developing the math curriculum and instruction for all of the middle school students.  I very much enjoyed this part of my job, and I also enjoyed working with other teachers.  These seem like good reasons to look more at this field.  (Not to mention my math specialty is a plus!)

Well, this is the start of my search of careers.  I'll keep these in mind, but my next post may be outside of the education realm.  Therefore, you should stay tuned to see where this journey may lead me.  Thanks for joining, and don't forget to comment on your thoughts!

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