August 19, 2011

More Finance Careers

As promised, I've looked at some more careers in the world of finance.  Enjoy!

Meeting and Convention Planner
  • Organize events for businesses and organizations
  • Travel to many places
  • Meet and work with a lot of people
  • Juggle a large number of details related to planning events
Skill Set:
  • Personable, organized communication
  • Attention to detail
  • Work well under pressure and at a fast pace
Other Information:
  • Long hours are usually worked immediately before and during events
  • This field can be sensitive to the economy
  • Average salary: $48,060

I definitely have an interest in planning events.  Also, I'm very detail focused and work well under pressure.  I am also drawn to the fact that I could work with a number of people in this field and act as a leader to help the events run smoothly.  I'm also not opposed to traveling.  I wouldn't say I want to be on the road all the time, but I do enjoy going to new places!  (Sorry this career doesn't fit as well in the finance category, but a nice career none-the-less!)

Personal Financial Planner
  • Help people manage their money (short term and long term)
  • Decide on investments in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and more
Skill Set:
  • Good listener and clear communicator
  • Problem solver who likes to work with numbers
Other Information:
  • Expected to be one of the fastest growing fields in the next 10 years
  • Tends to be a large amount of competition
  • Average salary: $94,180

I do like problem solving, and I love working with numbers.  I've also always been a saver, so although I don't have an expertise in financial advising, I do have a saving mindset.  However, just as I commented on the financial analyst career yesterday, I don't find the stock market a compelling component.  I definitely like this career better than financial analyst, but I don't know that it really speaks to me.

Real Estate Appraiser
  • Decide how much buildings and lands are worth
  • Inspect properties, compare to similar properties, and study their locations
Skill Set:
  • Math fan
  • Good communicator
Other Information:
  • Need a license to work as an appraiser
  • Once licensed, you can appraise other things (i.e. jewelry)
  • Expect to have little growth in the next 10 years
  • Jobs depend on the house market
  • Average salary: $53,520

I like the idea of systematically looking at a building or a property and establishing a price.  This reminds me a lot of the cost estimator that I talked about yesterday.  However, I am a little concerned about how much this career works in a team.  In my mind, an appraiser is a lone guy going to a property and giving a report to the client when it's all said and done.  If this is the case, I don't know how compelled I'd be to take on this career, but I could quite possibly be mistaken.  I'll definitely keep this career in mind, but I will need to research it more before being able to make a decision.

Well, that's what I've come up with for the wonderful world of finance.  I have to say, I've been surprised.  Perhaps, I had a mental block about this field.  I don't know why, but I think it existed.  However, my love for math and problem solving seems to fit well in a lot of the careers I've found.  Now, I'll look at other aspects of the business world.  Sales.  Marketing.  Management.  I don't know!  Keep tuning in to see where this journey goes next.

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