August 23, 2011

More Sales Careers

Well, yesterday, I explored some of what the world of sales has to offer.  Take a look at a few other options that I missed!

Sales Representative (Wholesale and Manufacturing)
  • Sell products from manufacturers to wholesalers
  • Sell products from wholesalers to retailers
Skill Set:
  • Like to interact and form relationships with people
  • Persuasive communicator
  • Works well with a team, but can work well alone
Other Information:
  • Sales reps may work with an engineer for complex products
  • Salaries are usually based on commission
  • Average salary:
    • Technical or scientific products - $81,370
    • Other products - $61,400

I like to work with people and build relationships with them.  This field seems as though it would allow me to do that both with my clients as well as with a team of sales reps.  Also, I come from an engineering background which could make me more marketable in selling the technical products.  I might be mistaken in that assumption, but I figure it couldn't hurt too much!

Sales Worker Supervisor
  • Heads a sales team
  • Keeps track of inventory
  • Makes sure customers are happy
Skill Set:
  • A self-starter who can make quick decisions
  • Able to get along with a variety of people
  • Organize and communicate with staff efficiently
Other Information:
  • Expected to have very slow growth in the next 10 years
  • Supervisors usually work long hours and weekends
  • Having sales experience helps to get in the field
  • Average salary: $39,130

I definitely think of myself as a self-starter, and I get along very well with many different people.  I have had some leadership positions, and have very much enjoyed managing a team of people.  These make me excited about this career.  However, I'm worried about the slow growth that is expected.  Also, the average salary is a little lower that I would have thought.  A lot of work with not much reward - I'm not so sure.

Travel Agent
  • Help people plan trips all over the world
Skill Set:
  • Loves to travel and explore new things
  • Problem solver
  • Enjoys helping others
Other Information:
  • Many travel agents specialize in one area or type of travel
  • There is expected to be little or no growth in the field over the next 10 years
    • Receiving training and becoming specialized helps
  • Average salary: $32,450

I do enjoy traveling, but I don't know if I would say that I love it.  I am interested in finding a career that helps people, and I want  to do some sort of problem solving.  All good things!  Again, I'm worried about the growth in the field.  The fact that there is expected to be no growth means that the only spot I would be able to fill is the spot of someone that leaves.  Not too promising, if you ask me.  Plus, the average salary is not incredibly exciting.

That's what I found on some of the interesting fields in sales.  When I was looking at the sales worker supervisor, I was reminded of how much I enjoyed holding leadership positions while I was in college.  I seemed to have a great ability there too.  Perhaps, my next venture into the world of business should be centered on management positions.  I have a feeling this could get exciting!

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