August 29, 2011

Management Careers

As I was researching careers in the management realm, I came across many that seemed appealing at first glance.  I explored a large number of careers, and I don't feel it would be very worthwhile to highlight all of them here.  Instead, I'm going to highlight some of the ones that I was most found of.  I hope it will still give a good overview of what management careers have to offer and highlight some of my decision-making process.  If you're curious at all about the careers I'm skipping over, feel free to contact me!

Education Administrator
  • Provide direction for day-to-day management of child-care centers and schools
  • Oversee education program at other businesses and institutions
Skill Set:
  • Strong leadership and communication skills
  • Organized and efficient
  • Able to handle day-to-day operations and long-term planning
Other Information:
  • There is expect to be little to now growth in higher education administration
  • Average salary:
    • Child-care: $48,170
    • Elementary & Secondary: $87,390
    • Higher Education: $95,340

Having spent the last two years teaching in a school, I have considered the possibility of getting into education administration somewhat.  A few of my former roommates were working on their master's degree in order to be a principal in the future.  In talking with them, I haven't always felt that being a principal is exactly what I would like to do.  I have considered, however, working in higher education as an admissions counselor, and I've also reflected on the possibility of leading education programs in a business capacity.  I think that education administration is a possibility for me, but I see it playing out in ways besides being a school principal.

Engineering and Science Manager
  • Engineering managers oversee engineers, scientists, or technicians
  • Science managers direct research and development divisions
  • Both work to translate complicated concepts to the consumer
Skill Set:
  • Good at math and science
  • Work well with people from various backgrounds
  • Able to manage a team
Other Information:
  • Most begin as an engineer or a scientist
  • Science managers are expected to have some growth, but engineering managers will see very little growth in the next 10 years
    • This can vary depending on the specific industry
  • Average salary:
    • Engineering: $122,810
    • Science: $127,000

I feel that this is another career that seems to allow me to utilize my engineering background.  I like the fact that I would work in both the engineering world and the world of the consumer.  I feel that I am able to communicate with a variety of people, and this could make me a great asset to this type of position.  The average salary for this career is much higher than the others I've found so far, which is definitely exciting.  Although, I'm curious as to how qualified I would be for this position; I may need more work experience in an engineering field to qualify.

Financial Manager
  • Oversee monetary concerns of businesses or organizations
Skill Set:
  • Problem solver
  • Clear communicator
  • Likes to work with numbers
Other Information:
  • Many work for insurance companies or banks
  • This field requires continued education to be effective
  • Job market can be very competitive
    • Having a master's degree or certification is helpful
  • Average salary: $113,730

This career seemed very appealing at first glance.  I enjoyed many of the finance careers that I looked at earlier.  Plus, I've expressed interest in managing and leading teams.  It appeared this might be a great blend of the two.  Upon a closer look, I feel the "management" part of this career is overseeing the money - not the people.  While it is still attractive, I am not overly excited about this position.

Human Resources Manager
  • Answer questions about health care
  • Work out disagreements among employees
  • Ensure employees are being treated fairly
Skill Set:
  • Clear communicator
  • Likes to meet new people
  • Able to work on many projects at once
Other Information:
  • There is expected to be a lot of growth in this field over the next 10 years
  • Average salary: $105,000

Although my source didn't mention anything about teaching/training employees, I envision there is definitely some possibility to utilize my education background in this area.  I know that this career doesn't seem to have as much of the technical components as some of my recent searches, but I see plenty of opportunity for problem solving and critical thinking.  I also would definitely get plenty of opportunity to work with a lot of people to help them in their job responsibilities.  I didn't necessarily have high hopes for this career at first, but I'm very pleasantly surprised!

So, there is a little taste of some of the management careers that I was drawn toward.  Tune in tomorrow, because I have a few more careers that I think are worth mentioning!

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